Aspen Center for Physics

Ajay Gopinathan joined UC Merced just as it opened and served as one of the founding members of the faculty, helping build undergraduate and graduate programs in Physics as well as interdisciplinary centers and institutes on campus.

University of Pittsburgh

Brian Batell teaches particle physics at the University of Pittsburgh. For today's episode of Radio Physics he explains dark matter and the Higgs boson.

Symmetry Magazine

Here’s your community calendar for Wednesday, March 28th, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, at the corner of 133 and Main in Carbondale.  For a list of today's events like the physics lecture We Have No Idea: An Exploration of the Unanswered Questions About Our Universe follow the headline...

Dr. Randy Hulet

Dr. Randy G. Hulet,  Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University in Houston, discusses ultra-cold atoms and super conductivity as well as the value of fundamental physics.

Theoretical physicist and professor of physics at Boston University Dr. David Campbell specializes in nonlinear phenomena and condensed matter physics. He joined Matt Popish from Aspen High School and Will Kaufman from Glenwood Springs High School to talk about his work.