A police operation is underway in North Dakota to remove protesters from land owned by pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners.

The Associated Press reports several people have been arrested.

Stephanie, Jerome, and guest Eli Bejalia discuss the Korean Natural Farming Method that takes advantage of indigenous microorganisms to repair and rebuild soil. Eli has successfully used this method from sub-tropical Florida to degraded land on the Dry Mesa in Colorado's North Fork Valley.

Community Calendar for October 27th

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The Community Calendar on KDNK is underwritten by the Mount Sopris Rotary Club. Rotary is holding a raffle, with all proceeds going to dental care for local children in need. Prizes include a 3-day trip to Denver with hotel and Broncos tickets. For more information, contact Pat Pier at 987-3265.


Almost 40 million people are dependent on the Colorado River. Traditionally, the economic value of the river was based on what the water could be used for, such as agriculture or mining. But, as Maeve Conran reports for Connecting the Drops, more people are pointing to the economic value of keeping water in the river.

Amy Hadden Marsh

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Adam Volek is principal of the new elementary and middle school that the Roaring Fork School District will open next fall. KDNK News Director Gavin Dahl sat down with him for an update.

Thrill the World 2016, a world wide synchronized dance event complete with zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller, returns to Carbondale this Saturday at 4pm outside the public library. Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica from Coredination / Bonedale Ballet joined Gavin Dahl live in studio on Wednesday to talk about it, along with dancer Debbie Bruell. Check it out.

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Along the border between the U.S. and Mexico, armed groups on patrol — mostly men — look for illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. They're not U.S. Border Patrol, but regular people who've decided to take matters into their own hands.

They call themselves militias. Groups such as these have been around for decades, but they exploded in number after Barack Obama was elected president. Today, there are 276 militia groups around the country, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

KDNK's Local Newscast airs weekday mornings at 6:41 and 7:41 during Morning Edition.


2016 Election Coverage

Voting Expert Answers Ballot Questions

All around Colorado, county clerks have mailed ballots to voters ahead of Election Day on November 8th. News director Gavin Dahl talked to Colorado Common Cause elections director Elizabeth Steele about everything you need to know to make sure your vote gets counted this year. She also helps run Just Vote Colorado Election Protection.
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