Raleigh Burleigh

News Intern

Como parte de su series sobre inmigración y los derechos para inmigrantes, Raleigh Burleigh habla con un señor de El Salvador que ha elegido permanecerse anónimo. 

As part of his series on immigration and immigrant rights, Raleigh Burleigh interviews a man from El Salvador who has chosen to remain anonymous. The translation is voiced by Jessie Monsalve. 

Erin Richards

As part of our ongoing series on immigrant rights, local immigration attorney Erin Richards discusses what has changed since President Trump signed the immigrant ban late last month. An abbreviated version of this story is airing during KDNK Local News on Thursday, February 9th.

Raleigh Burleigh, interno de noticias para KDNK está hacienda una serie de entrevistas con miembros de la comunidadsobre la discriminación y derechos para los inmigrantes. Habla con Sandra Lopez, representante de CIRC, una coalición para los derechos de inmigrantes en Colorado. 

KDNK News intern Raleigh Burleigh is conducting a series of interviews with members of our community concerning discrimination and immigrant rights. In this interview, he is joined by a representative of CIRC, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. You can hear the interview translated into English here. Special thanks to Rachel Irons for voicing the English translation of Sandra's comments.