2012 Elections

CDale Endorses Open Space Ballot Question

October 24, 2012
Garfield county's ballot question 1A asks voters to weigh in on a new sales tax that would go towards the county purchasing land for conservation. Those spaces may be chosen to preserve water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, ranches and open lands and other areas important to recreation and tourism. The measure has attracted endorsements from diverse organizations like the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, the Roaring Fork Sierra Club and as of last night, the Carbondale board of trustees.

Despite criticism of the measure by Mayor Stacey Bernot and other board members, Carbondale trustees unanimously approved a motion to endorse 1A.

KDNK's Eric Skalac spoke with Bernot after the meeting to find out how the open space measure fits with the goals of the town's ongoing Comprehensive Plan process but also about why the source of funding was a concern.
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