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KDNK Annual Meeting Information and Bylaws proposed changes

October 12, 2010
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The following is designed to comply with the Community Advisory Board requirements in § 396(k)(8) of the Communications Act of 1934 as interpreted by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

KDNK Community Radio has established a Community Advisory Board (CAB).

The CAB meets annually, or more often if its members so desire.

The CAB is made up of members of the community in KDNK's broadcast area. Its members live in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado and certain of its surrounding communities. The members of the CAB have volunteered to serve on the CAB. On air announcements are used periodically to recruit new members to the CAB.

The CAB does not have authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of KDNK.  The CAB sets its own agenda. The purpose of the CAB is to review programming goals established by the station; review KDNK's service to the community; and to review the significant policy decisions rendered by the governing board.

The CAB shall advise the governing board of the station whether the programming and other significant policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station. The advisory board may make recommendations to the governing board to meet those specialized needs.

The CAB is guided by a member of KDNK's governing board and the station manager, but these individuals serve the CAB solely in an administrative role. The management and operational functions of the governing board are separate from the functions of the CAB.

To serve on the CAB, contact Steve at 963-0139.

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