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Valley Voices is one of KDNK's longest running public affairs shows. Tune in the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 4:30 pm for conversations about local, regional, national - and sometimes international - issues and events with host Amy Hadden Marsh.

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Sue Drinker and Gayle Embrey are Amy's guests today, talking about their new film Battlement Mesa, which took 3 years to film and presents the struggle to keep natural gas drilling out of the community. You can watch the film for free here.

Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, director of ACLU Colorado, visited Carbondale on April 8, 2017.  Part 1 is his presentation. Part 2 is Q & A with the audience. Click the headline for Part 2.

Ed Williams, KUNM reporter

KUNM's public health reporter Ed Williams talks to Amy Hadden Marsh about the making of his documentary, Enduring Addiction, aired 3/09/2017 on KDNK's Valley Voices.

This special edition features Enduring Addiction, an audio documentary by former KDNK reporter Ed Williams, who is now a public health reporter for KUNM in Albuquerque.  Ed talks more about the making of the documentary here.

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RFHS Model UN Club members Tavia Teitler, Rex Hamilton, and Jen Platero along with social studies teacher Matt Wells join host Amy Hadden Marsh to talk about the club and this year's March trip to the National Model UN Conference in the Big Apple.

Amelia Schafer, VP of Programs at the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado, talks to KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh about the disease, caregiving, and support.

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KDNK presents a Valley Voices special, featuring Beth Wysong, co-director of the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Project, who went to the Women's March on Washington, artist and professor Peggy Shaw of Champaign, Illinois who was in Chicago, plus clips from the Carbondale and Denver marches. Tune in and get inspired! Photos are by Roaring Fork Valley residents who rode 2 buses to the Denver March.

KDNK DJ Beth Wysong attended the Women's March on Washington and collected people's perspectives and images from the march.

Sopris Sun

Valley Voices airs the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 4:30. This week's show features state Representative Bob Rankin and his wife Joyce Rankin, who is the vice-president of the Colorado State Board of Education.

Peter Bergel

Longtime Oregon activist, author, and singer/songwriter Peter Bergel joins Amy Hadden Marsh on Valley Voices for a conversation about "100 Days of Peace & Justice" and the silver lining within this year's Presidential election results.  Click here for Bergel's articles and more from the PeaceWorker, Oregon PeaceWork's monthly magazine.

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Host Amy Hadden Marsh talks with Carbondale resident Barbara Dills about her connections to the Lakota Nation and her time on the Rosebud reservation and how the 1973 Wounded Knee Occupation is relevant to the current protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Carbondale residents Dave Taylor and Tim Brogdan along with Rev. Shawna Foster, minister of Carbondale's Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist congregation,join Valley Voices host Amy Hadden Marsh to share their experiences at the Sacred Stone camp in North Dakota and upcoming events to support the water protectors.

Carbondale's Arn Menconi is running for U.S. Senate on the Green Party ticket, challenging progressive voters to reject Democrats like Senator Michael Bennet and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He joined news director Gavin Dahl  on Valley Voices for what was intended to be an interview, but became more of an Arn Menconi talk show. Listen in, if you aren't too worried the corporate oligarchs will vanquish you for hearing what he has to say!

Ryan Summerlin, GWSPI

Today's show features portions of interviews with Garfield County Commissioner candidates, incumbent Republican John Martin and Democratic challenger John Acha.

Author and Activist Starhawk on Valley Voices

Sep 30, 2016
Stephan Readmond

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Starhawk's classic novel The 5th Sacred Thing, released in September as an audio book, KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh talks to the author, activist, and co-founder of the Reclaiming movement about her book, her work, and social permaculture.

Indigenous Environmental Network organizer Kandi Mossett is the featured speaker on Thursday's show, which was originally aired on Spirit Resistance LPFM Radio on Standing Rock treaty lands in North Dakota on 9/3/2016.