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Jake, the Janerator, and Luke wrap up a disappointing Broncos season with the last Bronco Babble for some time. It wasn't just football today. There was some geezer babble too. Doctor Dandelion called in and we also heard from Little Willie, who was stuck in a ditch.  Everyone liked the idea of Dallas versus the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, cuz then it would be the Cowboys against the Indians. And in the year of Standing Rock, you gotta go with the Indians, dontcha? And why don't Native Americans complain about the Chiefs? Listen here to find out.

Bronco Babble

Dec 23, 2016

This was a good one,  with calls from Enrique and Pepe and Big Al the Gal's Pal. And even some poor woman looking for her Shelty. And free drywall from an accident on Highway 82. There might even be a football insight or two in there somewhere.