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You have probably heard Immigrant Stories weekday afternoons at 5:44 during All Things Considered. Now you have the opportunity to listen to an extended Immigrant Stories version. Tune in on the third Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 5 when the host Walter Gallacher sits down with one of our valley's storytellers as they relate their family's journey to America.

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Tony Mendez is the son of refugees who fled the war in El Salvador. Here, he talks to Walter Gallacher about how his parents' struggle inspired him to pursue a doctorate in law.

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Peter Moscon's dad, Red, was one of those larger than life characters who influenced  the lives of others by the way he lived his. On this month's show, Peter and host Walter Gallacher reminisce about Red.

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Samuel Bernal is vice-president of, and radio host at, La Tricolor, the Roaring Fork Valley's Spanish language radio station. In this month's show, he talks to host Walter Gallacher about growing up in Mexico City and the power of radio in the Latino community.

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Elizabeth Velasco moved to Colorado from Guanajuato, Mexico at age 16 to reunite with her father who had been  working in the US all those years. On this month's show, Elizabeth talks to host Walter Gallacher about growing up without her dad and adjusting to life in the US as a teenager.

Host Walter Gallacher  spends time with Roaring Fork Valley resident and philanthropist George Stranahan. Part 1 of the interview was aired on 2/21/2017.  Click here to listen to Part 2.

Please enjoy the second half of Walter Gallacher's conversation with George Stranahan. The first part was aired on KDNK on 2/21/2017.

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Dr. George Mizner grew up in Austria, enjoying an idyllic childhood until one dark day in 1938.

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Sandro Torres grew up on the streets of Mexico without the guidance of mother or father, and eventually became a personal fitness trainer. On this month's edition of Immigrant Stories, he tells host Walter Gallacher about his journey from a kid on the streets to the owner of Custom Body Fitness in Carbondale.

Kit Strang came to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1960. She and her husband Mike had just married and had a dream of raising a family in the West. Tune in as she talks to host Walter Gallacher about her family, ranching and the land.

Immigrant Stories: Mercedes Garcia

Sep 20, 2016
Walter Gallacher

Mercedes Garcia was fifteen when the civil  war came to her village in El Salvador. Here, she tells host Walter Gallacher about her life, her country and the violence that still haunts her homeland.