KDNK has a great many DJs dedicated to bringing you the most cutting edge new music from across the globe on a weekly basis. Barn Darlington is not one of those DJs. Instead, Barn digs deep through the dollar bins & dusty stacks of the nation's small town record stores to discover great tunes from yesteryear that rarely ever see the light of day. He subscribes to the "if you never heard it before, it's new to you" mantra. There is a seemingly infinite amount of great recorded music from the past 70 years. Rock, funk, folk, soul, country, punk, disco, electronic, whatever the genre, whatever the era. It is Mr. Darlington's goal to bring you all the songs you've been waiting your whole lives to hear, whether you knew it or not.


Tune in for a new weekly mixtape, every Tuesday, noon-2:30.