Update: RFSD Lifts Lockout Restrictions

Feb 9, 2017

Update from RFSD at 1:13PM: The Roaring Fork Schools and the Carbondale Police Department believe there is no credible threat to our students, and we have lifted lockout restrictions at this time.

Roaring Fork School District sent out the following alert at 8:38AM:

Dear Parents, Earlier this morning, the Roaring Fork Schools received notice from our local police department that an 18-year-old senior made threats of violence against his or her school in an online forum. While the threat was anonymous, the IP address was traced to the Carbondale area. We have no other information about the student or his intentions at this time, but our local law enforcement is actively investigating this threat. We are closing all high schools today and are placing all elementary and middle schools in lock out. A lock out means that we lock all doors, staff are on high alert, and additional law enforcement are on site. We know that situations like this are frightening for parents and students alike, and we want you to know that the safety of students and staff is our first priority. We will continue to keep students, parents, and community members updated as we learn more about the situation. If you have any information about this threat, please call Gene Schilling or your local police department.

Gene Schilling, Carbondale Police Department Chief of Police 
970-963- 2662 eks@carbondaleco.net 
Kelsy Been, RFSD Public Information Officer 
970-456- 1370 kelsybeen@rfschools.com