Pyramid Peak Climber Found + Behind the Scenes at Cdale Fashion Show

Mar 8, 2017

Ryan David Montoya was found Tuesday after surviving the storm earlier this week on Pyramid Peak. Independent journalist Hamilton Pevec goes behind the scenes to bring us a glimpse of Green is the New Black fashion show.  

Twenty-three year old Ryan David Montoya, who went missing on Pyramid Peak over the weekend, was found Tuesday. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this update.

A Republican proposal to change how the Taxpayers Bill of Rights- or TABOR -  will allow the state to keep more of the tax money it collects, received initial approval in the House Tuesday. As Bente Birkeland reports, more Democrats back the bill than Republicans.

The organizers of the Women's March are calling for a day of action for equity, justice, and women’s rights. More info and a live blog is right here.

The 9th Annual Green is the New Black fashion show opens Friday night at the Carbondale Rec Center. Independent journalist Hamilton Pevec peaked behind the curtain at last week’s rehearsal, and found out that it takes a team to make the show a success.  You can find more of Hamilton Pevec's work by clicking here.

Credit used w/permission of carbondale arts