2017 FilmFest Director Interview: Zeva Oelbaum

Sep 29, 2017

Zeva Oelbaum, co-directed and produced "Letters from Baghdad" with Sabine Krayenbuhl. The film screens at the Crystal in Carbondale Saturday, October 7th, at 5:30PM.) The star of the documentary is Gertrude Bell, an Englishwoman who was a contemporary of T.E. Lawrence, and who was instrumental in establishing the boundaries of the modern state of Iraq after the First World War. She was also a kingmaker and founded the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. But, the world didn't know about Gertrude Bell; she's been left out of the history books...until now. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Oelbaurm by phone from New York.  Zeva Oelbaum will be in Aspen next week to talk about her film. Click here for the complete Aspen FilmFest schedule.

Credit Wheeler Opera House