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Theoretical physicist and professor of physics at Boston University Dr. David Campbell specializes in nonlinear phenomena and condensed matter physics. He joined Matt Popish from Aspen High School and Will Kaufman from Glenwood Springs High School to talk about his work.

Dr. Sebastian Doniach

Dr. Sebastian Doniach is a British-American physicist and professor at Stanford University. For this month's show, he discusses advances in biophysics with local high school students William Kaufman and William Orben.

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Professor Sam Gralla is a theorist working at the interface between physics and astronomy.  He specializes in black holes and neutron stars, whose extreme density makes gravity and electromagnetism behave in strange ways and produce unique emissions, from radio to X-ray to gravitational waves. 

Washington Taylor

Washington Taylor is a professor of physics and director of M.I.T.'s Center for Theoretical Physics. His research takes a look at the fundamentals of theoretical physics related to quantum physics and gravity.

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Are there new fundamental particles beyond the known quarks, leptons and gauge bosons? Are these known particles indeed fundamental? Professor Yael Shadmi from the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa discusses particle physics with Ricky Wojcik and Jane Marolt from Aspen High School.

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Astrophysicist Dr. Alex Filippenko is addicted to watching total solar eclipses across the globe. He spoke to local high school students for KDNK’s Radio Physics last month. Here is a clip about why he will be inside the Path of Totality next week. The full program is available here.

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Dr. Alex Filippenko is addicted to watching total solar eclipses across the globe and is an active researcher of supernovae, active galaxies, black holes, neutron stars, gamma-ray bursts, and cosmology. He talks to local high school students this month about astrophysics and the joy of watching total solar eclipses in person. Don't forget: this year's solar eclipse is on August 21st!

Theoretical physicist Paul Ginsparg is a professor at Cornell University and a fellow of the MacArthur Foundation, who created arXiv, a computer-based system for physicists and other scientists to communicate their research results.

Markus Luty is a physicist at University of California/Davis with a focus on theoretical particle physics and cosmology.  His current research is driven by the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

Physicist Brian Batell talks dark matter on this month's show.