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A 38-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, a DJ since 1989, on KDNK staff since 2004.

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Author, singer/songwriter and architect Heather Hoeksema describes the Singular Butterfly and she talks about tuning her guitar to 432 Hz.

Grand Junction psychobilly band The Tankerays dropped by Express Yourself to show off their new CD Aztec Death Whistle. We played a couple tunes from the CD and they talked about making the music and about their New Year's Eve gig at Carbondale Beer Works.

Author, Singer-Songwriter  and architect Heather Hoeksema describes the Singular Butterfly plays a couple original tunes before her reading at Explore Booksellers next week.

A Painter & a Picker

Dec 22, 2017
Luke Nestler / KDNK

KDNK's Claire de L'Arbre spoke with painter Terry Gardner about his creative process. Terry is featured at the Holiday Show at Korologos Gallery in Basalt. And KDNK's Terry Glasenapp with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founding member John McEuen last winter about his new album and the Will the Circle Be Unbroken sessions. John brings his show to the Ute Theater next week.

Master Printmaker Leon Loughridge, and Master Bluesman Otis Taylor expressed themselves.

Otis Taylor has created an entirely original genre of blues called Trance Blues. Here he talks about that and his new CD, Fantasizing About Being Black.

Still soaking up the victory vibe from the Jets game, Jane and Luke predict more good things to come against the Colts. The Colts are out of Luck, and the Broncos win twice in one week.

Jason Segal describes the proposed Peach Valley River Park. And a SoL Theatre troupe troops in to talk about their Holiday Show, A Christmas Story.

SOL Theatre's Holiday Show this year is A Christmas Story. The director Dani Grace Kopf, the producer Jennifer Johnson, and two of the young stars, Kate Kelleher and Kai Holcombe, join Express Yourself to talk about the iconic movie and its adaptation to a local stage.

Jason Segal, one of the principals in the group that wants to create the Peach Valley River Park halfway between New Castle and Silt, describing his proposed project. Locals are invited to an Open House at the New Castle Community Center on Thursday, December 14 from 4-7pm.

With Sarah sitting on a beach in Mexico, Jane and Luke put the bar all the way on the ground on this week's Bronco Babble. One of the Babble Rabble, Craig from Rifle, had a priceless moment stepping over that low bar about half way though the show.

Sarah coins a term, the Babble Rabble responds with lots of calls, Jane tries to sing, and Luke giggles a lot. And Pepe thinks the Dolphins will win 3-0 this Sunday! The consensus was that Paxton was a man's man for crying on the sideline during the Raiders game.

Mike Monroney is the director of Thunder River Theatre's new production of Nick Payne's complicated play Constellations. Here he talks on Express Yourself about the multiverse, love and honey, and why he is staging this play in the round.

Five delightful young women joined Express Yourself to talk about Sopris Theatre Company's new production of Uncommon Women and Others. Joanna Caldwell, Susie Brady, Hadley Hebert, Ciara Morrison and Christina Katelli talk about Wendy Wasserstein's first play, written in the 1970s, about women in her generation living with the complicated promise of the second wave of feminists.

Bridget Law, founding member and fiddler for Elephant Revival, talks about her life without Elephant Revival, including her new band with her husband called The Tierro Band with Bridget Law. 

Music Meeting 6, featuring new music from La Misa Negra, Noga Erez and Kan Wakan. And Bridget Law, former founding member of Elephant Revival, about her new project with her husband, the trance jam quartet Tierro Band with Bridget Law. 

Music Meeting 6

Nov 24, 2017

Cody brings the sophomore release from La Misa Negra. Gavin highlights Noga Erez. And Luke offers Kan Wakan. From Oakland to Israel to LA via the Balkans and Sun Valley.

Sarah, Jane and Luke decide that the Broncos, to arrest their perilous slide toward Suckdom, have to think outside the box--that they need to psych out their opponents. Tutus, Von Miller doing a strip tease at the 50 yard line, and stinky jerseys were some of the options discussed. 

Eden Vardy of the Aspen T.R.E.E. organization about the free Farm to Table Community Meal at the Hotel Jerome. Alya Howe, Samuel Bernal Urbina, and Bill Kight about the next two Writ Large events, one at the Temporary and one at the Wheeler. And singer/songwriter White Buffalo about his new CD, Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights.

Writ Large Twice

Nov 17, 2017

Alya Howe, the curator of the Writ Large series, is joined on Express Yourself by Samuel Bernal Urbina and Bill Kight, two storytellers who live in our community.

The White Buffalo

Nov 17, 2017

Jake Smith is The White Buffalo. He has a brand new album, his 6th studio recording, called Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights. His current tour brings him to the Belly Up tonight.

The ladies pull up the slack in Luke's absence. Jane takes over the hot seat and Sarah brings in her new puppies.

Bronco Babble

Nov 3, 2017

The Broncos went to Kansas City and didn't get a pretty little woman but they definitely got a whuppin'. Sarah, Jane and Luke replay the gory details and express astonishment at Brock Osweiler's resurrection.

Cody, Gavin and Luke discuss Lukas Nelson, Willie Watson and El Javi. And America's Doyenne of Death, Caitlin Doughty, discusses here new book From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World in Search of a Good Death.

Music Meeting 5

Nov 3, 2017

Luke brings in Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real's new self-titled CD. Cody offers the new Willie Watson CD Folksinger Vol. 2. And Gavin brings El Javi's new CD A Gypsy Journey Part II: El Refugio.

Cosmic country, old-time folk and rock flamenco.

From Here to Eternity

Nov 3, 2017

With two published books, including this new one, From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death, and with hundreds of thousands of views on her You Tube channel Ask a Mortician, Caitlin Doughty is the Doyenne of Death. Here she talks about some  interesting funeral practices around the world on Express Yourself.

Express Yourself

Oct 27, 2017

Thrill the World Carbondale's organizers, Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, along with two young zombies in the Flash Mob, Charlie and Simon Cox, talking about the big event on Saturday. And then we had two blues men join the show before their Loyal Brothers gig, Husky Burnette and Sam Gillis. They played a couple tunes live and talked about the blues.

Bronco Babble

Oct 26, 2017

The Donkeys suffer their first shutout in a generation at the hands of the LA Chargers. Jane, Sarah and Luke commiserate.

The Drunken Hearts stopped by Express Yourself before their Belly Up gig. And artist Chris Hassig about his new show at the Launchpad, The Line of Totality.