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Grizzly Goat In-Studio

Mar 16, 2018

Grizzly Goat visited Express Yourself before two local gigs, at Glenwood Brew Garden and Steve's Guitars, and blew us all away with their music. Their melodies are memorable, they definitely have an easy and precise way with a lyric, their harmonies are super-tight, and they are all multi-instrumentalists--their musicianship is superb. They played Gentle Wild Spaces, Colorado and Little Jackie. Colorado was the highlight of the week for this reviewer. Look for them to return in August and also search out their new album Burning the Prairie.

Savanna LaBauve and Stephanie Seguin are this year's Resident Artists at the Carbondale Clay Center. They talked about their sculptural ceramics and their creative process. We also heard from the The Two Tracks out of Sheridan, WY about their brand of folk-rock. And Hamilton Pevec reveals a little of the mystique surrounding the Green Is the New Black Fashion Show. This year's version is the 10th.

Stephanie Seguin and Savanna LaBauve are this year's Artists in Residence at the Carbondale Clay Center. They joined Express Yourself to talk about their sculptural ceramic art and their artistic process. They also described what exactly their residencies entail.

Ira Sherman

Jeweler and metal sculptor Ira Sherman has created kinetic sculpture originally designed to protect the wearer from unwanted sexual advances. Now it's a whimsical hit at the Green Is the New Black Fashion Show. In fact, last year Ira won Best in Show with his work. This year he has a new look and he visited Beyond Beyond to tell us about it.

Thunder River Theatre's Corey Simpson, who directs the new production of The Price and Owen O'Farrell and Bob Moore, two of its actors, about one of Arthur Miller's more obscure plays. And Jackson Emmer talks about his accomplished new CD Jukebox. He plays the title track live in the studio, and also Dreamers and Fools.

Olivia Siegel

Jackson Emmer has an accomplished new CD and he dropped by Express Yourself to talk about it prior to his gig at Steve's Guitars.

The Aspen Times

Corey Simpson directs The Price, the new production at Thunder River Theatre. Owen O'Farrell and Bob Moore are two of the actors. All three appeared on Express Yourself to talk about the piece.

Les Sylphides by Bonedale Ballet, photographing Spirit Bears in British Columbia with Sandy Kaplan, and some sweet acoustic music from local band Feeding Giants.

Feeding Giants, an acoustic duo from New Castle, visited Express Yourself during a snowstorm. This multi-genre husband-and-wife band has a busy weekend, with gigs at Marble Distilling in Bonedale and the Ute Theatre in Rifle, benefitting the Rifle Animal Shelter. They played two songs for us, What Do I Gotta Do and Damn This Traffic.

Bonedale Ballet has a winter dance performance in their sudio space at Bridges School next to the library tomorrow and Sunday, featuring ballet and tap pieces. Alexandra Jerkunica, maestra choreographer and teacher, joined Express Yourself along with three of her students, Natasha Simpson, Ruby Marker and Keenan Bell, to tell us about it.

Redstone resident Sandy Kaplan has carved out a distinguished career in photography for several decades. From Hollywood portraits to Paris runways to wild horses on the high plains, she has trained herself to capture the fleeting moment with soul-deep intention. She recently spent time in British Columbia photographing spirit bears and lived to tell the tale. 

Chloe Benjamin about her new bestseller, and Kim Nuzzo about portraying an American icon.

Picture how your life might be if you knew the day you would die. How would that affect the way you live that day, or for that matter, your entire life leading up to that day? Would you ignore it? Would you practice a casual shuck n jive? Would you indulge in a heedless hedonism? Would you embrace the love in your life or would you shiver in cold fear and loathing? Chloe Benjamin’s new novel The Immortalists deals with these and other questions. Chloe definitely avoided the sophomore slump with this, her second work of fiction, a New York Times bestseller. I spoke with Chloe earlier this week about The Immortalists.

I celebrate myself
and what I assume you shall assume
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

So begins this nation’s first great poem, Song of Myself, written by Walt Whitman and first published in 1855. Ever since then, the father of free verse has lived in the American imagination as the embodiment of a free man, unfettered, unbound by any dogma or dictum. Kim and Valerie Nuzzo have created a one-man stage show called Multitudes about Walt Whitman. I spoke with Kim about Walt Whitman and his life and times.

Jeffrey Foucault, Myrlin Hepworth and Logan Phillips all do what they do best.

Aspen Words

They've been on the program before, but they never fail to impress with their poetry and their passion. They're back for the third or fourth time on Express Yourself, and we heard a new poem from each.

Poet Chris Dombrowski describes the songs of his friend, musician Jeffrey Foucault, "not so much written as lived in." Jeffrey showed that ethic here when he dropped by Express Yourself before his gig at the Temporary. He told us about his new CD Blood Brothers, scheduled to drop in June, and he played two of his own songs, Heart to the Husk and Blood Brothers. He also played a short instrumental by one of his guitar heroes, Rainer Ptacek, called De Lantin.

The last part of the drum show.

Part three of the special drum show with local drummer Andy Scott.

Part two of the Drummer's Bonanza with Andy Scott.

The modern trap drum set was invented in the United States. Since then, drumming has evolved, like everything else.

Local drummer and gadfly Andy Scott joined Luke Nestler's Beyond Beyond show to talk about all things drumming. He employed some stellar progressive rock tracks to illustrate some drum concepts and practices. Turns out Andy doesn't want to tell a drum joke, but he's happy to explain how a drummer makes his magic.

Lisa Singer and Doug Graybeal talk about their painting. And Brandon McDuffey, along wtih Ian Morrison, talk about their new short film, Silverline Valentine.

Painter Doug Graybeal

Feb 2, 2018

Doug Graybeal is already into a rewarding retirement featuring a new career as a painter in pastels. He has a piece in the Valley Visual Art Show and here he joins Express Yourself to talk about that and his artistic process.

Painter Lisa Singer

Feb 2, 2018

Lisa Singer pays another visit to Express Yourself to talk about her new work, featured in the Valley Visual Art Show and another group show at the Red Brick Center for the Arts in Aspen. 

Brandon McDuffey, who wrote, directed and edited a new short film, along with his Carbondale childhood friend Ian Morrison, the cinematographer on the project, about Silverline Valentine, a project that features the efforts of many young locals.

Jessica Brandi Lifland

Red Hot Patriot: The Kickass Wit of Molly Ivins, a one-woman play, visited the Temporary for a two-night stand. The director Richard Pegg and the star of the show, Rhonda Brown, talk about the fearless journalist and commentator. Then we hear about the fascinating process of Benjamin Timpson's art. And cowboy poet Vess Quinlan talks about the origins of cowboy poetry and some of his experiences at The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


Richard Pegg, the director, and Rhonda Brown, the star of The Red Hot Patriot: The Kickass Wit of Molly Ivins, talk about the show at the Temporary. Molly was a firecracker, and Rhonda is too. And who can resist a director with an English accent?

Charleston Magazine

With a questing artistic ethic, and a very involved process for making art using found materials you and I would call trash, Benjamin Timpson is a committed artist who can't stop making objects. Benjamin is having a moment right now, with a solo show in Glenwood Springs at CMC's ArtShare Gallery, and pieces in three separate group shows at the Launchpad in Carbondale, CMC in Aspen, and the Red Brick Arts Center in Aspen.

Cowboy Poet Terry Nash

Jan 26, 2018

Another Colorado Cowboy Poet, Terry Nash, from Loma, Colorado, talks about the local cowboy poetry gatherings and about his work.

Jessica Brandi Lifland

One of the stalwarts of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, 34 of them this year, is Colorado native Vess Quinlan. He's been to all but two of them and he's full of stories about the people involved. Here he tells a tale or two and reads a couple poems too.