Louie Girardot

Louie Girardot has been working as an IT professional since 1996 and has weathered a dizzying array of technological innovations since that time. Louie has previously never had a job that lasted this long - which he credits to the incredibly diverse range of industries that he gets to service - there is just never a dull moment. Some of his most interesting projects include a video system that captures video from inside underground sewer lines and a system that integrated two offices - one in New York City and one in Carbondale to function as if under the same roof. Louie's lifetime goal as a geek is to "dumb down" technical matters and use analogies to make technology accessible to the common man. As a Geekspeak host this translates into making the show as un-technical as possible; connecting with listeners who would normally roll their eyes and change the channel.

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The Geeks meet again to talk the latest in tech, receive phone calls, and ponder the rising price of Bitcoin.

KDNK's Geekspeak gathers every week to discuss the peculiar and quickly evolving world of tech, to offer advice to callers and inform all listeners.


Join the geeks as they take calls and discuss net neutrality among other important topics related to tech!

The geeks are back to answer all questions related to computers and tech.

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Louie and Matt share the latest in tech, answering calls with helpful advice.

The geeks catch up and chat the latest in tech.

The Geeks return to inform KDNK listeners about the latest in tech innovation and repair.

The Geeks

The Geeks speak geek, answer calls, ponder mysteries.

The geeks return for another round of laughs and insight, weighing through the particulars of new technology and best usage.

Join the geeks as they discuss the latest in personal technology.

Louie drove through the historic first day of traffic during the Grand Avenue Bridge Closure to join Matt and listeners for another fresh edition of Geekspeak.

Once again, the geeks speak geek on this week's Geekspeak.