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The future of agriculture in a changing climate

The future of agriculture in a changing climate May 26, 2014
Earlier this month the White House released the National Climate Assessment, a nationwide survey by the country's top scientists detailing the impacts climate change is having on the United States, and what a warming planet could mean for the future of the country. KDNK's Ed Williams spoke with Dr. Jerry Hatfield, director of the USDA National Lab for Agriculture and Environment and lead author of the National Climate Assessment's Agriculture chapter, about the report.

Click here to link to the National Climate Assessment website
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Brewers lobby for changes to Clean Water Act

Brewers lobby for changes to Clean Water Act May 20, 2014
A coalition of brewers is pushing for a new rule that would fix an alleged loophole in the Clean Water Act—including Colorado's New Belgium Brewery, based in Fort Collins. KDNK News talked to New Belgium spokesman Brian Simpson about the campaign.
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NCAR Releases New Ozone Study

May 15, 2014
The National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO says that ozone pollution across the U.S. will worsen as the climate warms. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh speaks with NCAR scientist and author of the study, Gabrielle Pfister.

GCI Radio Roadshow on KDNK

GCI Radio Roadshow on KDNK February 11, 2014
KDNK News presents the Glen Canyon Institute's Radio Roadshow on Monday, February 24 from 6-7pm.

Glen Canyon Institute Executive Director Christi Wedig will discuss the current state of the Colorado River and the controversial "Fill Mead First" proposal. The Radio Roadshow will be presented live at the new KDNK Broadcast Learning Center at 76 S. Second Street in Carbondale. Listeners are invited to be part of the live studio audience or tune in to the live broadcast. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions and make comments. If you plan to attend, please arrive at 5:45 as the broadcast will begin promptly at 6 pm. This is a KDNK News Membership Drive event.

You can listen to the archived program and view the visual element of Wedig's presentation by clicking through to our news archives.

Garfield County outlines Sage Grouse protection plan at latest Energy Advisory Board meeting

Garfield County outlines Sage Grouse protection plan at latest Energy Advisory Board meeting November 11, 2013
For years, the Roan Plateau has ignited conflicts between gas drillers, environmentalists and hunters. The Roan and the Greater Sage Grouse that live there were the topic of the most recent Garfield County Energy Advisory Board meeting. KDNK's Marilyn Gleason was there and brings this report.
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Emerald Ash Borer headed our way

October 16, 2013
Ash trees are popular in urban areas, including in Glenwood Springs. But, they are under attack by a bug that's headed West. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has more.
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Enterprise Compressor Station Under Scrutiny for Clean Air Act Violations

Enterprise Compressor Station Under Scrutiny for Clean Air Act Violations September 11, 2013
Recently state regulators announced that benzene contamination on Parachute Creek has slowed to a trickle at the site of the Williams processing plant that leaked natural gas into the groundwater earlier this year. But as KDNK's Ed Williams reports, another gas facility just miles away is under investigation for multiple alleged violations of the Clean Air Act--including rules regulating benzene emissions.

(Click on the story for an interactive map of Clean Air Act violations in Garfield County)
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Benezene levels spike in Parachute Creek

Benezene levels spike in Parachute Creek July 19, 2013

Benzene levels in a segment of Parachute Creek have more than tripled since the beginning of July, according to a press release issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Levels of the toxin at one monitoring well now exceed 9 parts per billion--well in excess of the federal drinking water limit of 5 parts  per billion.

Crews have been working to contain contamination that came from a mechanical failure at a Williams Midstream natural gas plant since early this year.

KDNK's Ed Williams spoke with David Walker, the state's lead agent on the Parachute Creek cleanup case, about what happened.

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The Evaporite Beneath Our Feet

January 16, 2013
Not long ago, the Colorado Geological Survey released a new report detailing the sinkholes of Colorado and the evaporite rock responsible for them. KDNK's Eric Skalac spoke to the report's author, John White, to find out if residents of the sinkhole-riddled Roaring Fork Valley should be worried.
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A Wild and Scenic Crystal River

November 20, 2012
The future of the Crystal River was the subject of a forum in Carbondale last week hosted by the nonprofits American Rivers and the Roaring Fork Conservancy. The discussion centered on whether the Crystal deserves federal designation as a "Wild and Scenic River," which would prevent the construction of dams on the river and ban impacts that harmed the Crystal's conservation values. KDNK's Nelson Harvey reports.
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