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News: Goodbye to Summer of Jazz

August 4, 2010
After 25 years and 217 shows, Glenwood's weekly outdoor summer jazz parties are coming to an end. But will the park be dark next year? KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh reports.
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Interview: CCAH move could impact Carbondale's First Friday's

June 16, 2010
Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities is among the largest tenets in the town's new Third Street Nonprofit Center. The organization has been a staple on Main Street for nearly two decades and a driving force behind First Fridays. But with CCAH now having moved to their new space, that's raising questions within the arts and business communities about how future First Friday's could be impacted. KDNK's Conrad Wilson has more.
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Interview: Third Steet Center's architect talks design

June 15, 2010
Carbondale's Third Street Center officially opens its doors this week. Jeff Dickenson headed up the team of architects who transformed the space. He spoke with KDNK's Conrad Wilson.
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Interview: Lessons learned in Aspen mold Carbondale's new nonprofit center

June 15, 2010
Carbondale's Third Street Center opens this week, but Aspen's Red Brick Center has been around for fifteen years. The center is very similar to Third Street, providing a space for the arts and Aspen's nonprofits. Debra Muzikar is the executive director of the center, and she spoke with KDNK's Mathew Katz about what lessons the Third Street Center can learn from Red Brick.
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Interview: aspenFilm's Laura Thielen on Aspen ShortsFest

April 5, 2010
Even as the ski season winds down and well-heeled hordes of winter tourists vacate Aspen's streets, Aspen Film is kicking off one of three annual festivals. Aspen ShortsFest celebrates the art and artifice of short films. The international competition plays out in10 programs over 5 days starting tomorrow at the Wheeler Opera House. Carbondale's Crystal Theater will present two programs of shorts repeated each day on Friday and Saturday.The competition's top finishers will have a shot at Oscar nominations.

For 15 years Laura Thielen has led the non-profit. She spoke to KDNK's Marilyn Gleason about the coming week's entertainment.
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KDNK presents

KDNK presents April 2, 2010

KDNK presents the second "Fostering Local Sound" event

KDNK community radio presents "Fostering Local Sound" at Steve's Guitars on Friday April 2, from 6-9 pm. The concert will be broadcast live on KDNK from 7-9 pm. People are invited to bring a light potluck dish and/or drink and mingle from 6-7 pm.

The evening will be hosted by KDNK General Manager Steve Skinner and will feature four local songwriters playing a short acoustic set.

7:00-7:25 Nelson Oldham
7:30-7:55 Jacob Russo
8:00-8:25 Ananda Bank
8:30-9:00 Matt Johnson

Nelson Oldham is a founding member of the Redtones.  He plays guitar, sings and writes songs.

Nelson's musical influences are all over the map.  "My parents had a great record collection.  Elvis, Kingston Trio, Mamas and Papas, Blood Sweat and Tears. I used to play that stuff all the time." His teenage vinyl was the catalyst for Nelson to emerge as a songwriter, bringing skeletons of songs to the band to add flesh and soul. Some songs made it to life, and others went back into the closet. "Song ideas usually come to me as a snippet in my head.  If the soundbite is big enough to start rolling, it snowballs into something."  

At first glance, Jacob Russo may come off as a very soft-spoken, young musician. When he takes to the stage however, the audience is immediately captivated by his songs and the pure sense of feeling behind them. Folk music is a term that broadly describes the unique blend of styles that come together in each song, in which this singer/songwriter uses to celebrate life, death and everything in between.

Ananda Bank is a local gal with a great voice, a swinging sense of style and a fabulous sense of humor. Her songs will make you think, drink and smile.

Matt Johnson is a seasoned songwriter who has performed and recorded original music for many years. His recordings, both solo and with "Boneyard" reflect a bottomless depth of feeling and a sense of place and mystery. Matt's travels throughout Europe, Africa and the desert Southwest influence and shape his beautiful original songs.

"Fostering Local Sound" is sponsored by the Town of Carbondale and Valley View Hospital Foundation.

For more information contact Steve Skinner at 963-0139 or e-mail


Interview: March 29, 2010
Marilyn Berger covered Israel's 6-Day War and the Vietnam Peace Talks for Newsday and the Washington Post. She was married for 30 years to the late Don Hewitt, creator of CBS's "60 Minutes." But her toughest assignment has just begun: learning to be a mother in her 70's to the 8-year-old whose life she saved. Marilyn Berger was in Aspen where KDNK's Marilyn Gleason caught up with her to talk about her new book.
To learn more about Dr. Rick Hodes, go to publisher Harper-Collins website and look up "This Is a Soul," and listen for an upcoming Valley Voices for a longer interview with Marilyn Berger.
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KDNK Membership Drive Event Schedule

February 18, 2010


The theme for the drive is "Growing Community." Local artist Alleghany Meadows has created unique, ceramic "Susti-cups" for sustainable members. These have been crafted from recycled clay, single-fired for energy efficiency and will feature a local glaze.

Opening Broadcast: Live remote from the Village Smithy with Merle and Chameleon, live music from Red Rock Ramblers, Wednesday, February 24 from 8-10 am. Free muffin with membership.

Youth Panel and Live Remote from CRMS, Wednesday, February 24 from 5:30-7 pm (Broadcast 6:00-7:00 pm). Student representatives from five area high schools will discuss the effectiveness of high school in preparing youth for a challenging future, how youth can currently make a difference in the world, and which social issues pose the greatest obstacles in the lives of high school students. The youth panel will explore what's working, what does not and where do we go from here to create schools and communities that lift up and empower youth to embrace the challenges both present and future. Free admission.

House Concert and Salon, live broadcast - "Fostering Local Sound" at the home of Vince and Beth Simonetti in River Valley Ranch, featuring house concert and live broadcast called "Fostering Local Sound," on Friday, February 26 at 6 pm at River Valley Ranch. The show is part of a prime-time series sponsored by the Town of Carbondale and aimed at identifying and fostering local songwriters. The first concert features Jimmy Dykann, John Oates, Cottonwood Acoustic, CRMS high school senior Kelsey Lewis and will be hosted by Steve Skinner. The evening will begin with beer, wine and snacks. The music and broadcast runs from 7-9 pm. Sustainable members only - contact KDNK.

Smokin'Grass Live Remote from the Pour House with live bluegrass music from General Dixie and the Bad Habits, Saturday, February 27 from 8-10 am. Free.

Women's Arm Wrasslin' - Saturday, February 27 at Phat Thai, 9:30 pm. Hosted by the boys in the newsroom, Conrad "OP" Wilson and Mathew "Gaston" Katz. $10.

Energy News Panel and Live Remote Broadcast at Eco-Goddess
with Randy Udall, energy expert, founder of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency; Sarah Gillman - associate editor for High Country News and expert on Western energy issues; and Tresi Houpt - Garfield County Commissioner and member of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. At Eco-Goddess in downtown Carbondale Monday, March 1, 5:30-7:30 pm (broadcast from 6-7 pm). Hosted by the KDNK news department. Free.

at Steve's Guitars - Thursday, March 4 from 7:30-9:30 pm. Variety program, music, comedy, skits, and the "C-cheevement Award." Free with Donation.


News: RFV puts on Messiah

News: RFV puts on Messiah December 9, 2009
It's the holidays and in the Roaring Fork Valley that means Handel's Messiah. KDNK's Marilyn Gleason brings this community event preview.
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Interview: Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer

Interview: Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer November 13, 2009
Ethnobotanists trained under famed Harvard professor Richard Evan Schulteis in the 1970's combine the study of plants and indigenous cultures, often experimenting with local hallucinogens along the way. Wade Davis was one of them. KDNK's Marilyn Gleason spoke with Wade Davis about endangered languages and cultures as well as his adventures along the way.
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