Sounds of the High Country

The environmental cost of U.S-Mexico border enforcement

The environmental cost of U.S-Mexico border enforcement June 18, 2014
In its quest to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. Border Patrol is running roughshod over huge swaths of desert wilderness with complete immunity from U.S. environmental laws. That's what Ray Ring, a senior editor for High Country News, discovered on a recent reporting trip to the border. For the latest edition of Sounds of the High Country, KDNK's collaboration with the magazine, Ring told Nelson Harvey about the tremendous environmental price we're paying at the border, and why it's tough to quantify what we're getting in return.
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Energy in the West

Some conservations groups surprised by EPA fracking chemicals draft rule

Some conservations groups surprised by EPA fracking chemicals draft rule June 13, 2014
In May, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it might seek more transparency when it comes to disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. The announcement comes three years after environmental law group Earthjustice petitioned the agency on behalf of over 100 conservation groups. At first, Earthjustice thought this was good news but, part of the government's response came as a surprise: If EPA comes up with a new rule, it will only apply to oil and natural gas activities on private land. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has more about why this could be a problem.
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Local News

Trustees hearing some pushback on James Surls roundabout sculpture

June 11, 2014
Famous sculptor James Surls recently unveiled the design for his sculpture to be installed in Carbondale's coming roundabout. And since then, some Carbondale residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the process for choosing what would be in that prominent spot. At Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting, Carbondale trustee Allyn Harvey brought up what he called a "poisonous atmosphere" out on Main Street regarding the sculpture. After the meeting, KDNK's Eric Skalac spoke to Harvey about what he was hearing from the public.
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Energy development in Western Colorado

Missouri endocrinologist raising money to study the health impacts of fracking chemicals

June 4, 2014
Late last year, Dr. Susan Nagel, endocrinologist and associate professor at the University of Missouri's School of Medicine, published a study on the effects of hydraulic fracturing on human sex hormones. Now, she's embarking on more extended research because, she says, there are not enough vigorous, scientific studies of the fracking process.

KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Dr. Nagel about her work and the funding she needs to get going on the second study.
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The Weekly News Brief

Three Collbran locals caught in massive Grand Mesa mudslide

May 30, 2014
A massive mudslide tore through the countryside near Collbran last Sunday. Three men are missing, and another mudslide is likely. On this week's news brief, KDNK's Eric Skalac talks to KVNF reporter Laura Palmisano about the disaster and how the community of Collbran is getting through it.
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Water in the West

Redefining the waters of the United States

May 29, 2014
Environmental Protection Agency officials visited the Roaring Fork Valley Wednesday to talk about a proposed rule that they say will clarify the Clean Water Act. The changes are a joint effort with the Army Corps of Engineers, which implements sections of the law. And, they start with re-defining the term, "waters of the United States." KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has more.
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The future of agriculture in a changing climate

The future of agriculture in a changing climate May 26, 2014
Earlier this month the White House released the National Climate Assessment, a nationwide survey by the country's top scientists detailing the impacts climate change is having on the United States, and what a warming planet could mean for the future of the country. KDNK's Ed Williams spoke with Dr. Jerry Hatfield, director of the USDA National Lab for Agriculture and Environment and lead author of the National Climate Assessment's Agriculture chapter, about the report.

Click here to link to the National Climate Assessment website
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Sounds of the High Country

Diversity problem at our National Parks

Diversity problem at our National Parks May 26, 2014
From Yosemite to Glacier National Park to the Harriet Tubman National Monument in Maryland, the 400 parks that make up the U.S. National Park system are supposed to be the shared heritage of all Americans. Yet as Jodi Peterson reports in the current issue of High Country News, the vast majority of people who visit national parks or work in the system are white. For the latest edition of Sounds of the High Country, KDNK's collaboration with High Country News, Nelson Harvey spoke with Peterson about the National Park Service's diversity problem.
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Breaking news

Body of missing Silt resident found

May 25, 2014
The Pitkin County Coroner's office has identified a body found near Basalt Friday as missing Silt resident Claudia Ruiz. Authorities are investigating the cause of death. The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office does not believe the public is in any danger in relation to this incident. Ruiz had been missing on May 17th and had reportedly taken a RFTA bus to El Jebel. KDNK will have more as this story develops.

Station News

KDNK hiring News Director

May 23, 2014

The News Director is responsible for the overall news programming on KDNK. The News Director runs the news department and is responsible for identifying news issues in the local community, monitoring and partnering with other media sources, hosting NPR programs, assigning stories to reporters and broadcasting news.